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Nursefinders UK Phonecards

Nursefinders has now teamed up with PCO so that our nurses and healthcare professionals can ring friends and family abroad at reasonable rates. Calling abroad using BT landlines or mobiles is very expensive and using these international phone cards will save you money. Ordering is easy and payments are secure online.

Simply use the Rate Finder below and start calling your friends today!

More Information: Useful Tips | How to Buy the Phonecards

Information about our Phonecards

MegaMouth phone card
Great rates and a low connection charge make this ideal for longer conversations. Available as �5, �10 and �20 phone cards, �2 calls free on the �20 card, and a massive 20% introductory discount on all of them, only from PCO. Buy Megamouth Phonecards

MotorMouth phone card
Similarly competitive rates to MegaMouth, but with the lowest payphone surcharge we are aware of ... this is the card to use from payphones! Available as �5, �10 and �20 phone cards.
Buy Motormouth Phonecards

Go Loco phone card
A great value flat rate card, this is one to use if you are a frequent caller. Available as �5, �10 and �20 phone cards.
Buy Go Loco Phonecards

Go Mad4Bananas phone card
If you like Go Bananas then give this card a try, it is the 'pretender to the throne' as the UK's most popular card, with lower connection fees and super-low rates. Available as �5, �10 and �20 phone cards.
Buy Go Mad4Bananas Phonecards

15% off Go Bananas.
Go Bananas needs no introduction, it is still one of the most popular phone cards in the UK, and with �2 free on the �20 card and 15% off (only from PCO) and the highest quality connections, it is exceptional value.
Buy Go Bananas Phonecards

15% off Story phone cards.
The superb Story range is one of the most popular new phone card ranges in the UK. The rates are low and the connections are good. With �1 free on the �10 cards and �5 free on the �20 cards they are exceptional value, particularly with an additional 15% off retail price, only from PCO.
Buy Story Phonecards

5% off Mad4Minutes.
You won't find any discounts on Mad4Minutes phone card on other websites, it is so competitive! Check out the rates, this is one of our biggest sellers. Now available as �5 and �20 cards too!
Buy Mad4Minutes Phonecards

Story Unlimited - �5.00 off the 30 day card.
Story unlimited phone cards are excellent if you call overseas a lot. The 30 day card is best value, with �5 off the normal price of �40.00. We don't think you'll find these offers available anywhere else.
More information on Story Unlimited

Phone Cards Online Direct

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