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Nursefinders UK Phonecards - Buying your Cards

Introduction | Useful Tips | How to Buy the Phonecards

Buying your cards
Our cards are delivered directly to you via the internet as soon as your payment is confirmed. This means you usually have your cards within just a few minutes of ordering. Our payment processing is simple, fast and secure through PayPal, who are one of the largest online transaction providers in the world.

Paying for your card
Click the 'buy now' button and you will go to a new page showing an 'add to cart' button next to your product. Click this to add the product to your shopping cart.

Buying more than one product.
When you add a product to your shopping cart, you will be taken to a page confirming the product you have ordered. You can change the quantity of products on this page by inserting the number you want and then clicking 'update'.

If you want to add a different product to your cart, click 'continue shopping' and you will return to the 'add to cart' list to make another order as required.

When your order is complete, click 'proceed to checkout' to process your payment.

Using PayPal
You do not need an existing PayPal account to buy cards from us, your payment will open a new account automatically, if you do not already have one.

There are no costs for using PayPal to buy products and you do not need to keep any funds in your PayPal account to use it for internet purchases using credit or debit card. If you have any questions please, do not hesitate to call us on 0845 644 6559 or email us at [email protected].

There are a wide range of advantages to using PayPal to send and receive money online. See for more details and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 644 6559 or email us at [email protected].

Should there be a problem of any sort with your payment, we will contact you immediately to resolve it. Please note any fraudulent activity will be investigated and appropriate action taken in all instances.

Receiving your cards
As soon as your payment has been verified, we will email you with a secure web link to your cards. You will need to input your PayPal email address before you can see. This is a security measure and ensures only you can view your card details.

Your card(s) will be shown as below, with the access and PIN numbers, instructions and customer service information, just like a conventional plastic phone card.

First orders
The first time you order from us you will be emailed a form asking you to confirm your details - this is necessary to ensure the card will be sent to the right email address and that it is an authorised purchase. The verification form is very straight forward and quick to fill in, and your card will be delivered to your email as soon as these details have been submitted and confirmed. You only have to complete the verification once for your first order. Subsequent orders will be delivered instantly direct to your email.

And that's it!
You can return to the same page whenever you want to view your phone card details, or you can print your phone cards and carry them with you for convenience.

Make sure you keep your phone card details confidential at all times. We cannot make refunds for cards once they have been accessed for the first time.

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