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Service for Candidates

It is NurseFinders policy to "match the specialist experience and preference of each individual to the job most suited to them, to provide assistance and advice on all areas of nursing in the UK and to offer continuous support throughout our service"

NurseFinders UK...
  • was established by nurses who understand the problems of relocating and finding worthwhile career opportunities in the area of your choice
  • is run by professionals who want to make your life easier by ensuring you don�t waste your time with multiple applications to unsuitable hospitals
  • offers an international recruitment service, helping nurses worldwide find the best nursing opportunities available in the UK
NurseFinders UK will...
  • track down the very best opportunities in your chosen field in the area of the country that you want to work in.
  • supply you with details of the vacancy and a resume of facilities of the hospital and local area, before arranging an interview.
  • help you find accommodation if required in the new location.
We are always happy to offer our excellent help and advise on all aspects of nursing and living in the UK.

What do we need from you?

  • In order for us to be able to find you a nursing job in the UK you will typically need at least 1 years experience as a registered nurse.
  • NMC Registration: In order to work London as a nurse you will need to be fully registered with the NMC. We can assist with this. However it can take a long time to get registered, depending on your country of origin/training. Therefore we suggest that you apply at least three months in advance of your anticipated start date in your new job.
  • Simply register your details on our website's registration page.
  • CV/Resume: When you register please send us an up to date CV/Resume. If you do not currently have one please use our free CV Creator.

Want to apply for a specific job?

Search our full database, create a shortlist of jobs and then register your personal details. If you cannot find the job you are looking for then please register your details anyway and one of our consultants will contact you discuss your individual requirements. As the London job market changes so rapidly it is not always possible to have the very latest jobs listed at all times.

What happens next?
  • After Registration: Once you have registered you will receive an email from us confirming your registration.
  • Contact: You will then be allocated to one of our experienced nurse recruitment consultants who will contact you if you are eligible to work in the UK.
  • Shortlist Vacancies: Once our consultants have spoken to you they will, in conjunction with you, create a shortlist of suitable vacancies and then send your Cv to these hospitals.
  • Interview: If your details are accepted by the hospital we will arrange a time and date for an interview. If you are overseas the interview can be conducted via telephone.
  • If you are successful in interview and are offered a job we will then assist in getting you the best salary possible.
  • Immigration: If you need clearance to work in the UK, The employer will issue you with a Skilled Worker certificate. Once you have received the certificate, you will need to use it to apply for permission to come and work in the UK.
Once you have secured a nursing job in London through NurseFindersUK we will assist you in the entire relocation process.

Many of our clients offer nursing accommodation as part of the package. It is not uncommon for us to be able to source very good sized accommodation for you in central London, even W1, at a very reasonable cost. For more information you should contact your consultant once you have registered. However if our clients do not offer nursing accommodation as part of the job we have collected some useful information in order to help you find at least temporary accommodation until you have settled in.

Below we have some links to sites that either offer accommodation or rooms to share within houses.

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