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Health News From the BBC

Early brain 'signs of Parkinson's' found 19/06/2019 23:46
Changes in a chemical called serotonin were found 15 to 20 years in advance of symptoms.
» Full Story...

Children's hospices 'to shut if NHS does not increase funding' 20/06/2019 01:02
A charity for terminally ill children warns hospices are under threat unless the NHS increases funding.
» Full Story...

Vaccines: Low trust in vaccination 'a global crisis' 19/06/2019 04:00
The biggest global study into attitudes on immunisation reveals confidence is low in some regions.
» Full Story...

Women not aware enough of breast cancer link to alcohol 18/06/2019 23:45
Women know too little about alcohol's role in increasing breast cancer risk, a study suggests.
» Full Story...

Campaign girl 'ineligible' for muscle wasting drug 19/06/2019 15:07
The 11-year-old is thought to be in 15% of spinal muscular atrophy patients who do not qualify.
» Full Story...

Lives 'destroyed by NHS eating disorder failures' 17/06/2019 23:30
As more than a million people struggle with illnesses such as anorexia, two reports say more must be done.
» Full Story...

Minimum alcohol price law in Wales delayed to 2020 19/06/2019 11:27
Plans have been held up after an EU member state - Portugal - intervened.
» Full Story...

Dundee University researchers start work on male pill 19/06/2019 00:42
Scientists in Dundee will test thousands of drug combinations to find a way to stop sperm working.
» Full Story...

Listeria outbreak: More affected hospitals named 17/06/2019 16:55
Eight hospitals have reported cases of listeria linked to sandwiches and salads eaten by patients.
» Full Story...

Hyponatraemia whistleblower and health service 'failed' 18/06/2019 15:05
An inquiry came to the wrong conclusions over a whistleblower's hyponatraemia concerns, investigation finds.
» Full Story...

Lyme disease has 'dominated' my life 16/06/2019 23:07
Morven-May MacCallum speaks out as GPs are urged to be vigilant about the infection spread by ticks.
» Full Story...

The 'brutal reality' for alcohol-damaged children 18/06/2019 09:11
A new support service is launched to help families with children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb.
» Full Story...

Theresa May calls for mental health to be priority 16/06/2019 21:37
Tackling mental health problems needs 'urgent attention', says the prime minister.
» Full Story...

MMR Vaccine: 'I was asked why I had vaccinated my child' 20/06/2019 00:23
With measles cases on the rise in UK, we follow a project aiming to tackle lower vaccination rates in the Somali community.
» Full Story...

What are vaccines, how do they work and why are people sceptical? 19/06/2019 04:00
Vaccines help save the lives of millions a year. This is how they came about - and why they matter.
» Full Story...

Immunisation: Why we do it and how 'herd immunity' works 19/06/2019 04:00
This is how vaccines work, why they’re important and what the phrase “herd immunity” actually means.
» Full Story...

‘My mum didn’t vaccinate me – this is what happened next’ 19/06/2019 04:01
Meredith's mother stopped her having vaccinations - so eventually she got some nasty illnesses.
» Full Story...

'My bulimia was hidden by my normal weight' 20/06/2019 00:34
Lee Donald says eating disorders can go unnoticed because too many associate them with being underweight.
» Full Story...

The gay men breaking blood donation rules 18/06/2019 00:12
The men believe who they have sex with should not prevent them from giving blood.
» Full Story...

What does personalised medicine mean for you? 16/06/2019 23:34
Technology is making it possible to tailor treatments to ever smaller groups of patients.
» Full Story...

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