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Health News From the BBC

Overactive immune system 'may trigger ME-like symptoms' 17/12/2018 02:12
Researchers say the study is a "light in the fog" in the search for the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.
» Full Story...

'Miracle' six-day-old baby survives Ebola 14/12/2018 16:12
It took five weeks of round-the-clock treatment to keep Benedicte alive after her mother died.
» Full Story...

Obamacare: Texas court rules key health law is unconstitutional 15/12/2018 10:01
The challenge from a coalition of 20 US states is now likely to go to the US Supreme Court.
» Full Story...

Why did Rachel Johnston die after having all her teeth removed? 14/12/2018 00:02
The families of three people with learning difficulties tell the BBC all their teeth were taken out.
» Full Story...

Breast cancer screening error 'overstated' 14/12/2018 12:24
There was no major incident, just confusion, and the scale of the problem was overstated, a report finds.
» Full Story...

Meat or two veg? Find out your food’s climate footprint 13/12/2018 16:47
Check the environmental impact of what you eat and drink.
» Full Story...

Overweight patient denied NHS operation by York CCG 14/12/2018 14:21
Roland Crooke took a loan to pay for private treatment after being told to lose weight for hip surgery
» Full Story...

Hospitals 'overcrowding risk' ahead of Christmas 13/12/2018 12:23
Winter pressures are beginning to bite as hospitals report too many patients are on wards and ambulances face delays at A&E.
» Full Story...

Teething gels to be taken off supermarket shelves 14/12/2018 09:41
Parents are advised to massage their child's gums or use a teething ring before trying the gels.
» Full Story...

Sit-down meals 'less healthy than fast-food' 13/12/2018 00:52
Only one in 10 meals was classed as healthy which is a cause for concern, say researchers.
» Full Story...

Organ donors to be asked if they are religious 13/12/2018 00:04
It is hoped the measure can boost the low proportion of donors from black and Asian backgrounds.
» Full Story...

Norovirus: Children banned from Northumbria hospital visits 13/12/2018 09:37
Northumbria Healthcare bosses say they want to stop norovirus rates reaching "critical numbers".
» Full Story...

Royal Cornwall Hospital on Opel 4 highest alert for 134 days 12/12/2018 00:13
A woman's hysterectomy was postponed four times at a hospital experiencing extreme pressures.
» Full Story...

Teenage victims 'more likely to self-harm' 12/12/2018 00:53
Schemes to stop adolescents becoming victims may lower the likelihood of them self-harming, a study says.
» Full Story...

'Lost' new mother dies in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary 12/12/2018 16:11
Amanda Cox was found in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary hours after she was reported missing.
» Full Story...

Temporary clinical waste measures put in place 12/12/2018 15:45
Temporary storage is being put in place at sites across Scotland to prevent a potential backlog.
» Full Story...

Cervical screening error: More women affected 11/12/2018 17:02
An additional 3,591 women have not received information after a failure to send out letters, says Capita.
» Full Story...

Ex-minister Norman Lamb urges cannabis legalisation 11/12/2018 16:05
Norman Lamb calls for government regulation of the production, distribution and sale of cannabis.
» Full Story...

Gene study unravels redheads mystery 11/12/2018 10:57
Researchers at Edinburgh University carry out out the largest genetic study of hair colour to date.
» Full Story...

'Weigh-ins help prevent piling on pounds at Christmas' 11/12/2018 05:13
Researchers said self-weighing and other simple tips were effective at helping to beat the Christmas bulge.
» Full Story...

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